Goodbye My Love



Never be afraid to let someone go. There is a time that people might have to leave from your life and we can feel so helpless but there is no option but let them leave for their betterment and yours too. Hoping one day you’ll see them , you bid them goodbye. You might see them again or might not. Not knowing when you see them next is frightening like hell. Panic. Pain. But again there is no option but give into the pain that arises and fills to your throat. You gasp for air and everything goes dark. All the memories flood in like enormous waves and you float over it without knowing where you are heading. Eyes filled with tears and a silent prayer in your mind, Let them be safe wherever they are, Let the guardian angels look upon them; let them prosper and be happy wherever they are.

Destiny can be so painful and so not what we want. It can be so cruel. But that’s what life is all about. All we can do is move on with a just a hope and live on it day after day.



Soon I shall become just a memory, Soon to be erased completely..

                                                                  But Still Goodbye till we meet next…..




5 thoughts on “Goodbye My Love”

  1. hey! kudos!
    two people meets whether for good or bad I dunno.
    BUT……….. BUT two people are parted always for good
    concluded after age long analysis 😛 🙂

  2. hey… so many sad thoughts following up!
    I don’t understand whether you all are normal or my RAM and Hard Disk both are corrupted… heheheheehehehe
    Actually how I learned and recoup was poison kills poison.. or say pain kills pain…
    yo!yo! life jilo!

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