Sadist Or Just Sober


Is it because people started to feel less human or has it become a trend to hurt people or to even poke?

There has been couple of incidents lately which made me feel quite upset. Not because they succeeded in hurting me. Nope that didn’t work. But because for the fact that they used MY past to hurt me. Its sadistic I know. You realise that people have tagged us with our past even when we have successfully got over it which makes me think, are they still hung over our past than us?

I guess it happens. Even when we are over with the pain and sorrow, they will still be people to remind us about it because for some reason they haven’t got over it. It will hurt you. Most of it because they are being unfair and they have no right to bother us. But we can’t do much about it. Accept the way they are and basically ignore them. It will take about 2 days to get over the whole thing. I guarantee you.


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