Inevitable Plan


There would be a time when you come across the person who would be the one who is responsible for immense pain in your past. I met mine and found out that he was the one. I was furious and I couldn’t  control my emotions. I couldn’t  think properly and so I screamed out many things which I don’t remember much.  I cried too most of the time because I was reallyyy angry.

I wanted him to know exactly what I went through. But its not possible until he goes through it. I tried explaining but still I surprisingly  found was quite unnecessary. Then I wanted him to make things straight. But that too was ridiculous because past cannot be changed. It stays intact until we know how to time travel. So that didn’t  work and finally I did what I was supposed to do. I forgived him. He didn’t  know the consequences of his actions on my life and he is sorry for what happened  to me. It kinda helped. But I forgived him for myself, to heal once and for all.

I guess somethings are meant to happen and we can’t do much about it. It will happen one  way or the other, today or tomorrow. All we can do is learn from it and look forward.


Raindrop or Teardrop


Feeling hurt deep inside
The night and day goes by
Scars aren’t healing anymore
Don’t think I can go on

Let me rise this night
Let the moonlight take me inside
Just to wash away these memories
Give me time and space to breath

Your smile lingers inside
Colors flood into life
Pain washes away by him
Once again I see you

But the moment comes
My eyes are closing
It’s getting quiet now
Is that a raindrop or a teardrop

Remember Every Scar


I’m running around and I’m searching for you
I keep falling down like there is no end
You took away every piece of me and left me there
And I lay there without getting words to say

Oh baby you’re only mine, tied up like a ball
That we can’t deny, you fill my heart till it can
Can you feel the same before you step out
Will you try harder before you run out

Or is it so easy to say goodbye like nothing happened
If you just want some space, that’s ok with me
Falling out of love with you will leave me nothing to do
But don’t leave me like this coz I’ll remember every scar