Talk. Listen


It takes courage to say something to someone. Be it anything. From simplest things to difficult life changing decisions. People try to convey what they want to say. At times it maybe a success or a fail. Communication is the key. Above all that we need courage to communicate what we want to say all the way from the heart.

It also takes a person courage to listen. Listen to the other person what he wants to say from bottom of his/her heart. To listen and understand what the person is trying to communicating so courageously. It takes a heart to listen to a person and its a big deal. It wouldn’t be necessary for us to take action but just listening is so important and effective.

People today don’t have the time to listen. So many things come in between. Maybe lack of prioritizing. Maybe lack of interest. But they don’t realize what is at stake. what they are losing. We lose the person who tried to explain his heart out and we didn’t listen. We lose the person forever. He won’t try again and we wont be able to hear again.

So won’t you listen today? Hear your person out.


July- Month of Monsoon


July is here and the monsoons have come to God’s own country. The pattering of the raindrops on the window and the wind whistling in the night used to keep me awake for hours. It has this soothing effect and it could cleanse our spirit. Since Bahrain schools had their vacations in June and July, I never missed the Kerala monsoons. Schools in Kerala open at that time and the kids are so excited with their new school bags and books. The rain would make them fantasize their schools would be flooded but that was a rare case. I used to wish to, because that’s when I can play with my cousins the whole day. Playing after school was just not enough for us. By 6pm, we had to get into our home right before the prayer time.

The trees in my courtyard are bright green in the rain. Bright mangoes hanging from them glowing in the sun. The smell of rain on the mud. The feeling of wet grass on my feet. Bushes of tulasi plants flaunting theirs flower buds and my Mom plucking the leaves to make a garland to take to the temple for the Lord Krishna idol. Everything about the Monsoon was my childhood and I loved it.

It is also the month of Karkidakam. It is also called Ramayana Masam. People used to pray to God to prevent disaster by Climate during the ancient times. Some traditions have changed and the prayers have changed too with time. This month is dedicated to reading Ramayana for getting rid of bad omens and having meals which is a mix of rice and medicinal herbs called karkidaka kanji. Also people pay respects to their ancestors on the dark moon day (Amavasi) by giving vavu bali in temples close to holy river or sea.

It is a relief for everyone after months of scorching heat. The roads become slushy and trains would be so delayed. But still Karkidaka Month has its own significance to Keralites.

My Contemplation for Today


You have just been overshadowed by the events in your mind. That is all that has happened. A cloud has covered the sun. What can any cloud do to the sun? Can it destroy it? Remember your nature. You are only soul, only being. You are a witness to all the events. They will all come and splash like waves on the shore; then go away from you. Even if they created some impression, it doesn’t stay too long because another event takes place and rubs it out, to some extent- Ashtavakra Gita

Sadist Or Just Sober


Is it because people started to feel less human or has it become a trend to hurt people or to even poke?

There has been couple of incidents lately which made me feel quite upset. Not because they succeeded in hurting me. Nope that didn’t work. But because for the fact that they used MY past to hurt me. Its sadistic I know. You realise that people have tagged us with our past even when we have successfully got over it which makes me think, are they still hung over our past than us?

I guess it happens. Even when we are over with the pain and sorrow, they will still be people to remind us about it because for some reason they haven’t got over it. It will hurt you. Most of it because they are being unfair and they have no right to bother us. But we can’t do much about it. Accept the way they are and basically ignore them. It will take about 2 days to get over the whole thing. I guarantee you.